What is Qigong
 The gain of practising

Practice of Qigong

Through the practice of 'Qigong', you will be able to stay in a peaceful and balanced state of mind and remain undisturbed longer, it is also beneficial for cultivating emotional intelligence. The 'relaxed and alert state' of mind with the combination of motivation, is called the 'Accelerated learner' or your 'High self', in this state, knowledge will be absorbed faster than the normal self.

In short, 'Qigong' is the exercise for self-mastery, it is about how to run your brain and how to use your body, how to tame your tiger and your monkey within.

What is Qigong?

'Qi' is the world in Chinese, means 'Life Force' or 'Vital energy', which is the animating power that flows in all living organisms.

According to the latest scientific research, 'Qi' consists of heat, light, magnetic waves, Bio-electricity and life force. It circulates in a complex array of paths that connect all systems of a living organism together called 'Meridians'.

The functions of this system are:

1. Warming and regulating the temperature within.
2. Regulating and sharing energy, it links the systems together to form an unity of harmonious balance.
3. Acting as catalyst, controlling the rate of bio-chemistry.
4. Nurturing and energizing, supporting the life force to maintain the general functional activities and regeneration within i.e. the power of your defensive system and healing process.

A healthy individual has more 'life force' than one who is weak. However, health is more than an abundance of 'Qi'. Health implies that 'Qi' in our bodies is clear, rather than polluted and turbid, and flowing smoothly, like a stream, not blocked or stagnant.

'Gong' means 'work' or 'benefits acquired through perseverance and practice'. Thus 'Qigong' means working with the life energy, learning how to control regulate and free the flow of 'Qi' to improve the health and harmony of the mind and body.

'Qigong'is a holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, including healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation. Through these various methods, 'Qi' can flow smoothly inside, nurturing and regulating our internal balance, which results in revitalizing and healing our body, helping our body to anchor in a harmonious state.

This 'meridian system' is easily disturbed by our negative emotions and muscular stiffness ,short circuit can be created. Therefore, to cultivate your 'Qi', your mind has to anchor in a state of equanimity, detaching from the past and future, stay here and now. Let go of your stress and physical tension, increase your awareness and stop the chatter box; i.e. you have to be highly concentrated and can give out one-pointed and crystal clear instructions to soften your mind.

In this state of tranquility, your 'blue print' will take over the whole healing process, you don't have to do anything, just be an observer, contemplating lively and alertly in a state of bliss.

When we practice 'Qigong' movement, every motion should be soft, even and slow, with full attention and crystal clear instructions. During this exercise, our bodies are free of pressure, our circulation likes breeze of wind of the earth which refreshes and energizes the tissue within. Breathing at this moment, free from negative emotions and muscular tensions, is no longer a tense expansion of the chart and abdomen, but, it becomes a rhythmical, powerful flow of energy and force, which continuously energizing and cleansing the system.