What is Qigong
 The gain of practising

Our Aim

The aim of this course is to help you to get in touch with your inner self for a positive transformation.

The basic of this practice

To directly participate in each moment as it occurs with as much awareness and understanding as possible of what is going on here and now. First of all, we have to develop the power to cut through our previous state or predominant mind set. To do this, we must cultivate the ability to be aware of our predominant emotions, so we can move from a negative state into a positive state.


The aim of this practice is to awaken the accelerated learner, the motivated mind, or the 'higher self', i.e. you are in conscious control of your own minds and feelings.

The 'higher self' is obtained by making every part of our physical and mental body from a state of oppositions and disturbed or distracted isolations co-ordinate together to become mutually co-operative. In this powerful state of relaxation and alertness, there are no conflicts, contradiction or sluggish motion of thoughts.

The 'higher self' is the greatest performance, who is functioning at its peak performance, in which a state of rapport, unity and harmonious balance has superseded the previous state of mutually exclusive oppositions.

Basically, practising 'Qigong' will help to:

1. Correct the alignment.
2. Soften the body.
3. Improve circulation.
4. Free the energy and release physical tension.
5. Liberate the mind and soften the core beliefs.
6. Control the chatter box.
7. Cultivate, regulate and stabilise your energy.
8. Train your concentration.
9. Improve your self awareness.
10. Sharpen your perception.
11. Bring more intelligence into your emotions.
12. Increase self control.
13. Create more choices.
14. Respond rather than react.
15. Change from reactive to proactive.

Our internal dialogue (The chatter box) is always commenting and judging, planning an wondering, remembering and thinking, and it turns on automatically. It contains a lot of thoughts of ego, blocking the light of our perception and interpretation of what is going on in her and now. It limits our seeing learning, disturbing our perception and awareness. When we are fully relaxed and alert, watching our thoughts, we can see intentions, out of which our thoughts come. If we can improve our self-image and confidence, correct the wrong beliefs and bad habits ingrained in our subconscious mind, we will generate more positive thoughts, our mental immune system and emotional resilience will improve and we will develop more confidence in what we are doing. This can be achieved by practising 'Qigong'.