Reading your palm

Reading your life-map is simple, fast and accurate, it only costs £20 for a check up, and the result will come up in 15 minutes.

We would like to work together with you to keep your body in good condition.

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Medical Palmistry

Health-conscious people appreciate that "it is easier and better to kill the monster while it is still small." So that they can quickly re-adjust their internal harmony to prevent further imbalance. The main idea of preventive medicine is to prevent the manifestation of a deeper underlying disharmony before the small imbalances accumulate to become a serious problem.

Medical palmistry is the study of the relationship between the lines on the hand and disease. In China today, biologists, genetics, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and physicians are all engaged in exploring and substantiating this age-old wisdom on human health and disease. Through the observation, analysis, study and substantiation for 30 years, it is now fully developed and widely used in medical field in diagnosis.

What you will get
1) A report of the analysis of your medical palmistry, we can tell the small imbalance even you can't feel it as a problem symptom or syndrome yet.
2) advice on using food as complimentary medicine.